Free Services

  • Translation of advice – according to the CIC Canadian Government site (Value hours = €50)
  • IELTS online lifetime registration (Conditions apply) (Value = €250)
  • Work permit application included (Value = €1,160) in lieu of placement fee negotiated by your facilitator.
  • Search for and direct introduction to potential employers. No recruitment fee charged. (After an introduction, the applicant is responsible for their own actions to secure the employer.)

Total Value of Free Services €1,460

All free services are offered free without any guarantee.

Paid Services

Administration of the Canada Ready File: 18 – 22-point checklist including the following: *€670

Note: *This is the initial FWT registration fee

  • Canada Immigration document 1 complete
  • Canada Immigration document 2 complete
  • Canada Immigration document 3 complete
  • Canada Immigration document 4 complete
  • Canada Immigration document 5 complete
  • Employment contract review
  • Retainer Agreement review
  • Resume

The documents above will require to be reviewed several times over.

  • Money transfer €28
  • **Marketing, advertising, and representation – 12 months €350
  • **Representative Assistant (RA) (hours over 3 months or more post signatures to contract) €250
  • **PCC, medical exam and biometric assistance (Hours) €50

Total Paid Administration Sevices Fee €1,348

Note: See above – **Payment due only on successfully being employed by a Canadian employer.

This fee is the total amount that the applicant will pay from start to finish. This means from first registration with FWT until successfully landing in Canada. No further fees will be charged. Conditions below apply.


  • The paid services fees above are not adjustable downward.
  • The paid services fees above are applicable only where FWT introduces a candidate directly to an employer.
  • If the employer chooses not to pay for the work permit on behalf of the applicant, an additional charge of €640 will be added to the Total Fee. €640 will be charged in consideration of the work permit charge and is not the usual fee to process a work permit.
  • The medical examination, PCC’s, Biometric, and Visa processing fees will be added and will be for the account of the applicant.
  • The fee can be different from application to application with variations of up to 5%
  • The fees above are in Euros. Consider currency fluctuations when calculating in your own currency.
  • No recruitment charges are applicable to the applicant.

Foreign Workers Today (FWT)

I,, understand the FWT Administration Services Fee Breakdown for Applicants as outlined above.